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Tetra Whisper Bio Bag 20-60 Filter Cartridges remove odors and impurities from the water for a pure aquatic environment. The easy to assemble Bio-Bags make aquarium maintenance easy, and feature highly absorbent carbon that removes odors and discoloration. Meanwhile, dense mesh catches debris to provide clean, clear water for your aquatic pet.


  • Highly-absorbent carbon removes odors and discoloration for clean, clear aquarium water
  • Dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and fish waste to help maintain purity
  • Convenient, easy to assemble Bio-Bags are easy to use
    Includes: 3 or 12 count
    Intended For: Aquariums
    Size: Fits 20i, 40i, C, 20, 30, 40 and 60 power filters 

    For best results change Bio-Bag monthly