How can we help you grow?

Aqua-Crylic is a distributor for over 50 different aquarium product manufacturers. Whether you're a small store just starting out or a large retailer, we have the right products at the right prices to help you grow your business. With over 30 years in the aquarium industry, we can also offer support and advice to help you succeed.  With our long standing relationship with our manufacturers behind us, we can often get support on products and pricing beyond that of other distributors. We also strive to build a personal relationship with our stores' owners and their staff and are always willing to help. That's the Aqua-Crylic difference.

Whether you're a large store or even part of a chain, or you're working out of your garage and thinking about opening your own store, let us help you succeed. We constantly study our fine industry and always stay up on the most current technologies and products and know which products are good to carry and sell to your customers and which products will help you be most successful. 

Aqua-Crylic isn't just distribution. Did you know that we are also quality acrylic fabrication specialists? We design and build custom aquariums and have our own line of acrylic sumps that are hand made right here in Cleveland, Ohio and delivered to your store! We can make anything, and although we specialize in products like aquariums, sumps, automatic top off reservoirs, overflow boxes and more, we also make high quality bird and parrot cages as well as other pet feeders and a lot more. 

Fill out an application today so that we can serve you and you will see why customers that choose Aqua-Crylic are not only successful, they are customers for life!