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PE Mysis Shrimp - Frozen

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As night falls and the waters cool, the Mysis shrimp surface to feed on the plentiful phytoplankton. We drop our nets and in one motion, remove an invasive species from our lakes while harvesting one of the most nutritiously rich fish food products in the world.

Their guts loaded with microscopic plankton, the Canadian lake Mysis Shrimp are enriched in high lipid content, long chain fatty acids, and are rich in Omega 3 and 6, amino acids and powerful antioxidants. These nutritional characteristics work together to improve the color and energy of aquarium fed fish.

Within hours of being harvested, the Mysis Shrimp are flash frozen and packaged for shipping. So when fish are fed PE Mysis Frozen, it is as delicious and nourishing as when it was first caught. No wonder private aquarium owners and public curators alike, marvel at the frenzied energy they experience when feeding their fish with PE Mysis.

PE® Mysis Frozen

Our pioneering approach to harvesting the zooplankton, PE® Mysis Shrimp ensures that our Mysis fish food is unrivaled in flavor and nutrition.