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Kent Marine Cichlid Buffer 250g

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Cichlid Buffer

Stabilizes & Raises pH In Cichlid Aquariums

KENT MARINE CICHLID BUFFER builds carbonate hardness, raises and stabilizes pH, and prevents pH drop. Works well with fish and plants whose native waters are hard and have a pH above 7.8. Phosphate and nitrate free.


Dissolve one teaspoon (6 grams) of KENT Marine Cichlid Buffer in a glass of fresh water. Add directly to tank or sump for each 10-20 gallons (40-80 liters) of aquarium water each day until the desired pH and alkalinity (carbonate hardness or KH) are reached. Wait 1 hour to re-measure alkalinity and wait 24 hours to re-measure pH levels (full pH increase and stabilization may take up to 48 hours!). After target pH and alkalinity are reached, use at 2 week intervals to maintain values.