Hydor Theo Submersible Aquarium Heater

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The heater has all the essential features for the precise and safe maintenance of the water temperature of your aquarium. The exclusive technology used and the high quality of the components guarantee a long life. Submersible, anti-thermal shock, high resistance, graduated scale, vertical or horizontal positioning, precise maintenance of the set temperature.

  • 25W Heater, 7" long, up to 2-7 gallons
  • 50W Heater, 7" long, up to 5-14 gallons
  • 100W Heater, 8.9" long, up to 14-26 gallons
  • 150W Heater, 12" long, up to 23-40 gallons
  • 200W Heater, 12" long, up to 26-53 gallons
  • 300W Heater, 15.5" long, up to 53-80 gallons
  • 400W Heater, 15.5" long, up to 80-105 gallons