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Dr. Tim's NP-Active Pearls Bio-Pellet Reactor Media

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NP-Active Pearls are 100% biodegradable polymer bio-pellets DESIGNED and TESTED for aquatic systems that act as a carbon source for the growth of beneficial bacteria resulting in the removal of nitrate and phosphate from the water.

Why use NP-Active Pearls? 
Has algae overrun your aquarium?  Once you’ve established a stable biofilter, nitrate levels begin to rise in your aquarium water.  Phosphate levels begin to accumulate due to feeding and other organic materials in your tank.  Algae thrive on the available nitrate and phosphate resulting in a tank full of unsightly, messy algae.  NP-Active Pearls remove nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium water naturally, making these nutrients unavailable to algae and other unsightly nuisances. 

How do NP-Active Pearls work?
Friendly bacteria use NP-Active Pearls to assimilate phosphate and nitrate in aquarium water, out-competing algae for these nutrients, and producing an easily harvested bacterial biomass which can be removed by mechanical filtration (filter pad) or by a protein skimmer. 
  • Specially developed for aquariums
  • Works in ALL Aquariums
  • Safe for ALL fish and corals
  • PURE - no fillers, no chemicals
  • Easier than carbon dosing
  • Ultimate in Carbon Bio-Polymer
  • ASTM D7081 Certified Marine Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA
What do you need?  
  • NP-Active Pearls
  • Reactor or similar device and pump 
  • Reef-Pure Waste-Away (to seed NP-Active Pearls with bacteria)
  • Protein Skimmer is recommended
Select the size best suited for your system:
150 ml (0.93 cups) treats 50 gallons (189 liters)
450 ml (1.90 cups) treats 150 gallons (568 liters)
900 ml (3.75 cups) treats 300 gallons (1,136 liters)
3,790 ml (1 gallon) treats 1,260 gallons (4,770 liters)