Sera GVG-Mix Nature Fish Treats 250mL

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The natural treat made of flakes without dyes and preservatives

sera GVG-Mix Nature is the natural treat made of gently processed flakes that does not require dyes and preservatives.

The mixture of flakes and dried, whole food organisms such as Krill, bloodworms and daphnia allows for a varied diet.

The food is particularly rich in natural minerals and trace elements, and supports health as well as fertility. The flakes keep their shape, are suitable for all ornamental fish eating rather at the surface and do not cloud the water.

Natural ornamental fish diet

“sera Nature” makes ornamental fish nutrition even more natural. All food types (e.g. sera Vipan Nature) are based on the compositions of their namesakes (e.g. sera Vipan), but are manufactured without using dyes and preservatives. The color of the flakes originates exclusively from added natural ingredients such as Haematococcus algae. Additionally, the food is enriched with high quality ingredients such as Krill, Spirulina or sustainable insect meal from Hermetia flies.