Aqua-Crylic Dual 7" Sock Filter Lid for 40BR (Add-a-Sock)

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This hobby is full of people who love to build their own sumps and make their own equipment. That's just the fun part of this hobby. Help them out by offering one of our Add-a-Sock kits! These kits are made from durable ABS plastic and cell cast acrylic and come in a variety of sizes and inlet / sock options. These are cut to size and easy to install into almost any aquarium or box that holds water. Such an easy way to add particulate filtration to any existing system! Just super glue or silicone in place with a glass tank, or if it's already an acrylic sump just use Weldon!

The Dual 7" kit is where we get into some heavy customization options! We designed these to fit most stock 40 breeder aquariums, rim to rim. Since all 40BR are slightly different, this may fit perfect, or it may need just a slight shave. That being said, here are the ways we can customize it.

The filter lid has two 7" filter socks. The inlets can be customized to about any configuration you want. By default, there is a single 1" inlet per sock. We can have two 1" inlets per sock, one or two 1.5" inlets per sock, one 2.0" inlet per sock or we can leave the top of the lid un-drilled and you can add whatever you'd like instead.