Cobalt Micro UV Sterilizer 3W In-Line, 5/8" Hose

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The Cobalt MICRO-UV clarifier removes water born microscopic algae, bacteria and other organisms and keeps water clean and green free. Sophisticated yet simple design features integrated 5/8" hose barbs that have easy to install and seal locking rings, an easy to change 3 Watt halogen UV lamp, simple to clean quartz sleeve assembly, and O-ring seals at all assembly points. 3-Year Warranty.

How to Replace Micro UV- Bulb (Replacement Part # P0506)

  1. Unplug UV from socket
  2. Twist interior cap (wire enters unit) clockwise
  3. Unscrew the bulb, replace
  4. Twist interior cap counter clockwise
  • Bulb replacement can be done while connected to running canister filter