Aquatop Pisces All-in-One Nano Glass Aquariums

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Aquatop's Pisces AIO Nano Glass Aquariums are a complete high quality glass aquarium kit with integrated filtration that includes mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Replacement filter cartridges are available. Includes energy efficient LED lighting with moonlight function. Suitable for freshwater or saltwater applications. LED may not sustain coral growth by itself.

PCS-3G Pisces Nano Bowfront Glass Aquarium 10”x8.3”x10.2”, 3G

PCS-5GB Pisces Nano Bullet Glass Aquarium 16”x7.2”x10.2”, 5G

PCS-5GC Pisces Nano Cube Glass Aquarium 12”x9”x10.6”, 5G Cube

PCS-RCI Replacement 2-pack Cartridge Inserts for the Pisces Series