Aquatop Internal Filters

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The Aquatop Internal Filter A great, compact aquarium filter, the Aquatop Internal Filter is quiet, efficient and can be vertically or horizontally mounted with the included suction cups. The Aquatop Internal Filter also comes equipped with an optional spray bar attachment for a wider range output and an optional Venturi-Line for added oxygenation. Plus, the Aquatop Internal Filter uses a dense filter sponge for maximum filtration. This filter is easy to install and will do the job! Space Saving Design Energy Efficient Multiple Return Options Easy to Install and Maintain

IF-201 - 42 GPH, good for up to 10 Gallons
IF-202 - 58 GPH, good for up to 20 Gallons
IF-203 - 85 GPH, good for up to 30 Gallons
IF-204 - 119 GPH, good for up to 40 Gallons