Aquatop BREZA Air Pumps

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You simply can't beat the price-performance ratio of the BREZA Aquarium Air Pump! The entire BREZA Series includes powerful yet quiet Aquarium Air Pumps that offer super low energy consumption. AQUATOP's BREZA Series of aquarium air pumps give your aquatic creatures the oxygen they need in order to thrive. An air pump system adds air bubbles, creates current and agitates the water to help in filtration. An air pump also aids in maintaining stable and healthy pH levels inside the aquarium.


  • Very low energy consumption 
  • High air flow output 
  • Super quiet operation 
  • Suitable for aquariums between 5 to 100 gallons •
  • For both fresh and saltwater use.
  • AP-40 - high/low flow setting
  • AP-50 and AP-100 - flow control knob