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Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid Fixture

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Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixture.

Available in 24", 36", 48" & 61" lengths for 18-24" wide (front to back) aquariums. Universal mounts included for EcoTech Radion (TM), Kessil 360 (TM), AI Hydra & AI Prime (TM) and Kessil AP700 LED Fixtures. This new mounting system with T5 HO lamp housings is for use with the Kessil 360, EcoTech Radion and AquaIllumination Prime LED fixtures, and includes universal mounting brackets to install them into the fixture. Available in Black and White. Due to the limited amount of pictures for each size on their website, we do not have many photos of the white fixtures yet.

Suspension hardware included - lamps, mounting arms and LED fixtures NOT included. Features: HEP (TM) Brand ballasts drive all T5 HO lamps, including popular ATI (TM) and Giesemann (TM); Silicone socket lamp end caps protect pins of T5 HO lamps from moisture and salt creep; Reflector design keeps light output focused inside the aquarium. 

61-Inch (420522), 48-Inch (420506), 36-Inch (420505), 24-Inch (420504)

Note: The Kessil AP700 fixture will fit parallel to the T5 lamps in both the 18" and 24" Hybrid fixture lengths but will not fit perpendicular to the T5 lamps when using the 24" end plates.