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Aquatic Life HALO Pendant LED - Freshwater

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Developed with one of the leading designers of aquarium lighting control in the world, our feature-rich HALO Controllable LED Lighting System advances the art of aquarium lighting to new levels. The Aquatic Life HALO LED fixtures create amazing shimmer for your aquatic environment, and the desired color and light intensity are easily adjusted with the simple turn of a dial. The addition of next-generation UV LED’s further enhances vibrant coral color and growth in marine environments, and live-plant growth and coloration of fishes in freshwater planted tanks. The HALO is designed and built for long service life, simple operation and maximum performance, all in a very compact, low maintenance, efficient and attractive fixture. Halo Freshwater Deluxe (420288), Halo Freshwater Basic (420289).


  • Full spectrum 400-680nm Grow Lighting on Channel 1, and Warm White lighting on Channel 2 for freshwater live-plant environments.
  • Two Channels (groups) of LED's for optimized blend of spectrum.
  • High-performance glass lens enabling desired light emission angle.
  • Built-in programmable Timer and Dimmer (Deluxe version only).
  • The HALO Basic may be controlled using the HALO Deluxe, an Aquarium Controller with a 0 to 10-volt Output, or another controllable light fixture with a 0 to 10-volt Output.

Options for Mounting Arms: MAK-24 (Item #370339) for a front to back tank depth of 18” ~ 24”, MAK-18 (Item #370338) for a front to back tank depth of 14” ~ 18”, and MAK-30 (Item #370361) for a front to back tank depth of 24" ~ 30". Robust anodized aluminum Mounting Arm compatible with M4 and M5 screw. Also fits Kessil LED Pendants