Aqua-Crylic Cornerflo Cover for Marineland/Perfecto Aquariums

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If you have a Reef Aquarium, chances are it’s got an overflow box and a sump. The most common overflows are found in Marineland and Perfecto aquariums, and this is a quarter circle Cornerflo overflow box. These work great, but have their flaws.  We fix those flaws with our Cornerflo Covers. You simply take our Cornerflo Cover and slide it into place over the Cornerflo box! Now, depending on who made the tank and which production run it was, there are two ways (see pictures!) that these will fit.  They will either fit underneath the black trim and over top of the Cornerflo (the best way) or you will have to put them on top of the black trim, leaving a small gap which is not good if you have lids for the tank.  It may fit on top if it won’t slide into the corner, just not as exact as it’s designed to.  We have tested on many tanks and found that it fits the way it should fit about 8/10 times, the difference being where the manufacturer ran the silicone holding the box in.

As of 03/01/2019, we have updated the design to be slightly thinner to fit between the frame and box easier and only have one size which overhangs the intake grate to minimize algae growth.

So, the advantages…

  • Simple to install – even use a dab of Super Glue for a stronger installation
  • CNC Routed out of ABS Plastic for a strong, long lasting product
  • Keeps light out – no more algae building up in the overflow box!
  • Keeps critters out! Ever had a large snail clog up an intake?
  • Keeps the noise down. No matter what, you’ll hear a water trickle, but this minimizes it
  • Keeps fish out. I had my Christmas Wrasse jump in mine… tear a tank down just to get a fish out? Never again!
  • If you put the large cover on a small box, it shades the intake grates preventing most algae growth on the intake grates
  • Made in the USA!