Aqua-Crylic Algae Clips

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The Best Algae Clip You Will Ever Own!

Our wonderful hobby is filled with all kind of creatures that love greens. Herbivores love eating seaweed, lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini and other leafy foods, and there’s no easy way to really feed them… until now.

You may have some form of an algae clip… maybe one that suction cups inside the aquarium, or maybe one that uses a magnet but either way you have to dive in elbow-deep to retrieve the clip when the food is gone. Not any more! We took a simple algae clip and made it better by making a polycarbonate hanger for it!  No more getting wet and making messes. Just put your seaweed or vegetables in our clip and hang the clip on the side of your aquarium. When the food is gone and the fish are done eating, simply pull it back out and never get your hand in the aquarium water!

This clip is the best clip you’ll ever own. It’s perfect for Saltwater and Reef tanks that are home to any type of Tang or other grazers. But the most surprising use of this clip we have seen is for freshwater!  Tropheus and Plecos LOVE greens, and Plecos like to munch on Zucchini.  Tired of blanching the Zucchini? You don’t have to any more. Just clip it and stick it in the tank. Clean, Fast, Easy, Simple.

These come in four sizes. Size is determined by the distance from the top of the clip where it hangs on the tank to the bottom of the clip.

  • Small Clips are 5″ to 6″ overall length
  • Medium Clips are 8″ to 10″ overall length
  • Large Clips are 12″ to 14″ overall length
  • X-Large Clips are 18″ – 22″ overall length

The different lengths allow use for all size aquariums, from Nano tanks to 500+ gallon tanks. The clips are bent and have a gap to fit over the frames of glass aquariums and depending on the manufacturer, can fit over the edge of most acrylic aquariums, too.