Aqua-Crylic Acrylic Sump - Sock Hybritek Reef System, Blue or Red

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Aqua-Crylic brings you our Acrylic Sock Hybritek Reef System! This acrylic sump is designed with a few key ideas in mind.

  • We keep the needs of the hobbyist in mind and build to meet them
  • Simple design for unmatched efficiency in the hobby
  • Designed to fit into any standard aquarium stand
  • Chambers designed for almost any return pump and skimmer
  • Large refugiums to grow your macro algae
  • Cost friendly as compared to larger brands
  • Color combinations available to match your other equipment
  • Includes filter sock and bubble trap sponge
  • Made in Cleveland, Ohio - nothing imported!

Stock Width, Length and color:

  • 10", 12", 16" widths
  • 20", 24", 36", 48" lengths
  • All sizes are shown as Length x Width x Height
  • Sumps constructed with clear body, white ABS bottom, red or blue accents and internals to match Eshopps or Reef Octopus Skimmers/pumps.

These high quality sumps are lightweight, look amazing and out perform other like sumps. We make these sumps in our manufacturing department here in Cleveland, Ohio. Nothing is imported or pre-built. Our Artisan Master Acrylic Fabricators hand build these sumps. Each piece is measured and precision cut and finished to bring you that high end product feel without the high end price. The sumps listed here are all built at specific sizes, but our sumps can be customized for any setup and tailored to the specific need of any client. For a custom sump, please contact us. 

Please allow 3-7 days for the sump to be built as these are custom order sumps!