Copepod Bunker / Hotel

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If you have wrasse or mandarin fish, you really need to have a great supply of Copepods for your fish to eat. If you just dump a pod culture into your refugium, sure they may populate but they have to then make it through the sponge, the filter, the pump and back into the tank and settle in there. Chances are, your population will dwindle.

Our nearly indestructible Copepod Bunkers are made from ABS plastic with corrugated plastic "rooms" for the pods to settle in close together for increased reproduction rates. When the time comes to get the pods to the main tank, just remove the bunker (keep it in water) and put it in the main tank overnight. The pods will come out and inhabit the rocks and your fish will feast. Or, you can just dump the pods out into a fine net or container and empty that into the display tank.

Did we mention these are made from a nearly indestructible plastic? So if you drop our Bunker, no worries! If you drop one of the acrylic hotels though, it has a very high chance to break. Our design is also much easier to take apart to clean and goes back together easily. You can also spin each individual level of the bunker to provide a different look and feel, too!