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ELOS Fresco Food - Shrimps 100 gram

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Shrimps .. what else for feeding your beautiful fish and delicate animals .

The unique process we use preserves the ELOS Fresco -

Shrimps, Cyclops, and Chironomus (Bloodworms) in a natural moist state.

For some users, this can be more convenient than frozen food. We feel

offering these foods in a more natural state can be a more attractive

food for tempting finicky and newly acquired aquarium fish. By

pasteurizing the food in the can, Elos Fresco Food delivers a highly

nutritious food, without losing valuable nutrients.

ELOS Fresco Food - Cyclops is packed with juicy small copepods. The Cyclops

are a genus of freshwater copepods which range in size from 500 to 1000

microns (0.5 to 1mm) in size and are an ideal food for small fish and

corals. Fresco Chironomus ( Bloodworms) and Fresco Shrimp (Artemia) complete the new trio of foods.

Each can of Fresco Food weighs 100 grams, or a 3,52 ounces. Please

refrigerate the Fresco Foods after opening and use it up within 15 to 20

days. It can also be frozen after opening if preferred.